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Justin Lofton holds annual Victory Lane dinner

Kalin Turner January 20, 2020


BRAWLEY — After the Justin Lofton Foundation Golf Tournament, supporters of the organization migrate to the Stockmen’s Club for a charity party that has become known as Victory Lane Saturday, January 18.

Supporters for the foundation included Method Racing Wheels, Agri Beef, the Brawley FFA group, and the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

The evening at Stockmen's was filled with food and drinks. Organizations were invited to sponsor a hole to provide aid for the Boy and Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley. Local sponsors included Terry and Less Rodgers.

Decade of Lofton Golf Tournaments

Kalin Turner January 20, 2020


BRAWLEY — The Justin Lofton Foundation hosted their 10th annual Golf Tournament Saturday, January 18, to support the local Boys and Girls Clubs of Imperial Valley. Different golf teams gathered at the Del Rio Country Club in the early morning to warm up and get ready for the tournament, where they fought for prizes and bragging rights among friends.


The host, Justin Lofton, is a local boy from Brawley who worked his way through the racing world where he became known for his victory in the 2009 ARCA Series Championship over Parker Kligerman.


Lofton uses his connections to bring sponsors from the off-road race world to support the local community he was born in. One of these sponsors is the Method Race Wheels team. Their team took first place in their division. To keep the tournament fair, the teams are split into three different tiers.

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Justin Lofton Foundation 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament raises funds in support of the Boys and Girls Club

Noel Bravo January 18, 2016


BRAWLEY –  The weather was pitch-perfect for a day of golf at Brawley’s Del Rio Country Club Saturday, January 16. Over 130 golfers from all over the country gathered for the 6th annual Justin Lofton Foundation Charity Golf Tournament, hosted by the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Imperial Valley. From locals to people from Texas, from New Hampshire to Nebraska, these golfers came to play golf for a good cause and to have fun. Professional racer and Valley native, Justin Lofton began the tournament to give back to his local community.

Lofton has been racing for eighteen years and is well-known in the Valley. Aside from racing, Lofton is a full-time cattle feeder and part-time fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club and the Justin Lofton Foundation.

Justin Lofton Revs up Dreams of Possibility to Boys & Girls Club Youth

Katherine Ramos August 11, 2015


BRAWLEY- The rumble of the NASCAR camping truck engine filled the ears of the children as hometown racer, winner, and valley native, Justin Lofton, revved his truck  Monday afternoon at the Boys and Girl’s Club of Imperial Valley in Brawley.

Lofton brought his truck to the Boys and Girls Club to the delight of the children.  Lofton will be competing in the Best in the Desert: Vegas to Reno race this weekend and wanted to stop by to show the children his truck.

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Justin Lofton Golf Tournament Gets Bigger and Better

Abigal Perez January 2015


BRAWLEY – Golfers of all levels showed their support early Saturday morning as they registered and participated in the 5th Annual Justin Lofton Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Imperial Valley, Saturday, January 17th, at the Del Rio Country Club in Brawley.


Justin Lofton, a native of the Imperial Valley,  is a NASCAR Truck Series racer. His racing passion  started early on in life, as Lofton was introduced to the scene by his dad who raced as a hobby.


The Justin Lofton Golf Tournament started 5 years ago when the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Imperial Valley approached Justin Lofton with an idea for a fundraiser in his name.

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Justin Lofton 4th Annual Golf Tournament benefits Boys and Girls Club of Imperial Valley

Staff Reporter January 2014


BRAWLEY – The 4th Annual Justin Lofton Charity Golf Tournament was held Saturday, January 11th at the Del Rio Country Club with the award dinner at the Stockman’s Club of Imperial Valley.


Thirty-nine teams signed up for a chance to win prizes and help Lofton donate to the Boys and Girls Club of the Imperial Valley. Lofton, a professional NASCAR driver from Westmorland, has an annual golf tournament during his offseason to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. The tournament brings in close to $40,000 in donations to the local club.

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